The first striking thing about Everyman was that the team are very affable and very human - not boring lawyers! They were warm & sincere and I felt confident from the start that they were technically excellent.



Those of us who have started our own companies have a very particular challenge and responsibility.  It is how and when to sell our business. You need someone to advise you who understands the challenges you face as the business owner.  They need to know all the alternatives that may be open to you such as management buy out, sale or closure.  Selling a business is never easy.  I know from more than 35 years as a corporate solicitor about all of the potential pitfalls.

Starting and running a company can be a wonderful adventure.  Selling it need not be so daunting if you choose the right Guide.  Someone who you know will have your best interests and those you care about uppermost in their mind as they help you chart your course to a new beginning.

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We host workshops and webinars to meet with business owners who are starting to think about how they will sell or exit their businesses and move on to other things.

If this sounds like you we would love to welcome you to our next event.

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