Why Everyman

Uniquely we recognize that finding the right solution for you depends on us building a strong and trusting relationship. Unlike other advisors we do not start with a defined end in mind such as business sale but explore your goals, business activity and all the options open to you in a jargon free way that you will find easy to understand before helping you decide on the way forward.

As a corporate lawyer (and now as a non-practising solicitor) of over 35 years’ experience I have helped hundreds of SME business owners take control of their future and figure out how they are going to retire. My focus is to help business owners plan for and exit their companies whether that be through management buyout, sale, closure or setting up employee share schemes by getting to know them and exploring what is right from them.  I do that using a pioneering, jargon free, new approach called the Business Owners Succession Strategy or The BOSS for short and my experience as a business owner myself.

Its all in a Name – The Everyman story

The Everyman Story dates back to the 14th Century.  It is a Morality Play told in 900 words that teaches us that when each of us goes to meet our Maker there is only one person who will speak for us.  That person is the Good Deeds Messenger. We hope to be your Guide and your Messenger as you contemplate the next stage in your journey of adventure from being The BOSS to handing over the reins to a new BOSS.