Pre Sale Due Dilligence

The single biggest challenge for most of us looking to grow and well our company is building a great team.  But if you are going to successfully realise value in your company (particularly to a third party, trade buyer) you need someone (experienced in company sales) to help you to undertake a careful due diligence exercise.  Their job will be to “take stock” and assess the key issues that might be an obstacle to a sale of your business or mean you do not achieve the price your are hoping for.


We can help you with this important exercise.  The key is to do this well in advance of a sale, so that you have time to take any necessary steps ahead of starting the sale process.


You might need to restructure your company to remove risk or to ensure a favourable tax position.  There may be risk areas that need to be addressed such as ownership of intellectual property or a former employee who still owns shares.