Employee Share Schemes

An employee share scheme can offer your key people a stake in the business, an incentive to achieve growth, as well as playing a significant role in succession planning. A share scheme will help you build your team and give employees the opportunity to think and act like business owners.


We design share schemes for all types of business tailored to YOUR circumstances.


We help business owners who are thinking about awarding share incentives to their team.  To be effective those share incentives must be designed with the planned method of exit of you, The BOSS, firmly in mind. Share incentives must also be very well communicated because if they are not they will not be motivational.  They need to motivate both you and your team.

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Share Valuations

If you are considering implementing an Employee Share Scheme, you will need to consider the value of the shares in your company

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EMI Options

EMI (Enterprise Management Incentive) options are a tax-advantaged type of Employee Share Scheme which can be a great way of incentivising your key team members

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Company Share Option Plans

A CSOP (Company Share Option Plan) allows a company to grant HMRC approved employee share options

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Employee Benefit Trusts

An EBT is a type of discretionary trust used to hold shares to provide benefits for the employees of a company. They are sometimes used alongside...

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Unapproved Share Options

Unapproved share options are discretionary Employee Share Scheme but are much more flexible than CSOPs. They can be useful for a company that does not qualify...

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