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EMI Options – Do you qualify?

Our last two newsletters looked at the key questions to ask yourself to know what kind of employee share scheme will work for you and your business, and how to value your company. The next two newsletters will focus on the EMI (Enterprise Management Incentives) Scheme, which is a tax advantaged HMRC share scheme aimed […]

Changes to Business Regulations in 2015

Hello and welcome to the latest Regulatory Newsletter from Everyman Legal This month we focus on certain key changes to business regulations in 2015. Changes to the CDM Regulations For all those involved in construction, a reminder that the Construction, Design and Management Regulations have changed from the 6th of April. The key changes are […]

Selling your Business: Earn Out Negotiations

Messing up on the Earn Out When the time comes to sell your business you will need to know about something called an earn out. It is normally the seller who gets his fingers burned when he sells on an earn out. The recent case of Treatt plc v Barratt was an example of a […]

Simple and Effective Share Schemes

He Who Shares Wins (Part 2) Simple and Effective Share Schemes for Private Companies Once you have decided that you would like to implement an employee share scheme there are, broadly speaking, three different types of scheme to consider: 1)      a share purchase scheme; 2)      a share option scheme either approved by HMRC or with […]

He Who Shares Wins (Part 1)

Simple and Effective Share Schemes for Private Companies What makes a business successful? A great product or service, a business owner with passion and energy, but perhaps most importantly of all – a highly focused and motivated management team to drive it forward. As a business owner growing your company you may not be in […]

Tax issues for the recipient of a gift of shares

In this month’s issue of EveryMonth we consider the tax issues for the recipient of a gift of shares in a company. Your New Year’s resolution may have been to address the question of succession planning in your company.  With a family company the obvious solution may be a transfer of shares to a son […]

Terms of Business

Legal Risk and your Terms of Business Our last two newsletters looked at the legal issues you should be aware of as a Director when your company is in financial difficulty. Two of the main ways to avoid financial difficulties are ensuring prompt payment by your customers and avoiding contract disputes. In this month’s newsletter […]