Hope for the Best and Plan for the Worst…

Hope for the Best and Plan for the Worst….Owning and running a business has never been for the faint hearted but the coming months are going to test the mettle of business owners as never before. How to maintain your confidence and team spirit when you have to make redundancies may be one of your […]

She Who Dares Wins in His Brave New World

Fear and Greed, the  two great motivators of men will soon be centre stage as we open our blinking, post lock down eyes and come out to survey this Brave New World of beauteous mankind.  Thinkers of the Left will be appalled at the prospect of a World Red in Tooth and Claw created by […]

Entrepreneurial Mindset for the Covid-19 World

For the intrepid, pioneering entrepreneur every set back is seen as an opportunity to learn. Over the past 12 years, since the crash of 2008, the men and woman of business have been learning and learning fast. What works and what doesn’t work. How best to win customers and to keep them.  Being relentlessly helpful, […]

OODA Thinking in a Frightening World of Extraordinary Change

COVID19 has thrown our world into turmoil.  Running your own business has never been for the faint-hearted.  Now the pressures on you and your family may seem almost unbearable.  Where do any of us start? You may feel overwhelmed and in utter despair or you may have decided (who could blame you) that you should […]

Team work makes the dream work

The American clergyman John Maxwell reputedly coined the expression “Team work makes the dream work”.  Importantly he added “but a vision becomes a nightmare when the leader has a big dream and a bad team”. Anyone who has had the courage to start a company with their our own dream will be reluctant to admit […]

Succession Planning and Witney Business Breakfast …

Pass the reins, not the pain! Succession Planning for your business … Business owners all have something in common: accepting that you cannot run your businesses forever. What do you want for yourself and your business? Have you considered all of the options? Will your business be ready for you to leave when the time […]

Selling your Business “The course of true love never did run smooth”

Many owners expect they will know the identity of the likely buyer of their business. They expect they will be able to handle the negotiations themselves and will not need a broker or corporate adviser to represent them. In this case the owner we were representing (I will call him John) had personal experience of […]

What to expect when it comes to selling your business

You’ll only sell your business once so inevitably when the time comes you may well be unsure as to the process involved. Getting your business ready for a sale can be a challenge in itself. If you’re ready to sell and have received an offer from a prospective buyer then you’re in a great position, […]

Selling your business: three common myths

So the time has come when you are giving serious consideration to selling your business.  For many business owners such a sale will first and foremost be an emotional challenge.  There will also likely be significant commercial and legal issues and often tax consideration with which to grapple. With all that potential complexity it is […]