Entrepreneurial Mindset for the Covid-19 World

For the intrepid, pioneering entrepreneur every set back is seen as an opportunity to learn. Over the past 12 years, since the crash of 2008, the men and woman of business have been learning and learning fast. What works and what doesn’t work. How best to win customers and to keep them.  Being relentlessly helpful, to increasingly demanding and discerning customers, is not for the faint hearted.

Every crisis levels the playing field for the little guy with guts, a burning belief in what he or she is doing. As the barriers to entry in established markets come down around us, resources can be mobilised and opportunities are there to be seized by those who are bold and enterprising. 

It is said that society progresses through the actions of unreasonable men. People who refuse to accept the status quo. Those who rage against the system and who are driven to change the world.

In this age of Corona, entrepreneurs are fiercely making their plans. Not for them a period of quiet contemplation during lock down. Their entrepreneurial mindsets are working overtime. They will be stressing themselves, their families and their teams. The testosterone and adrenalin-fuelled cauldron that drives the creative process and leads to wealth creation is building to fever pitch.

As the tsunami of insolvency and bankruptcies hits in waves of anguish over the coming months and years, these intrepid people will be testing their metal and those of their teams and their loved ones as never before. Gone forever will be the days of crony capitalism that grew strong from 2008 onwards. A new age of Enterprise is coming and coming at lightning speed. 

In 1903 Sir John Lubbock conceived the Institute of Directors. His proud legacy still remembered in a wonderful coat of arms. Enterprise with Integrity the vision of Honest John, a banker by trade, who as a child had been inspired by Charles Darwin.

A new society of free and independent enterprise is needed for this Brave New World, a New England that dawns on 4 July 2020. Watch this space for more news on Sofie.