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Our next Brexit discussion …

“EU set to delay Brexit transition talks” “Stalemate as UK and EU each say the ball is in the other’s court on Brexit” “Theresa May’s weakness is making Brexit even more impossible” 16 months have passed since the UK held it’s breath for the results of the momentous EU referendum.  With just about that same […]

We’ve been branching out into the world of podcasts …

James and Nikki had a brilliant day last month recording podcasts with Dave Harries of Communicate TV. It’s the first time we’ve recorded podcasts so our first series had to be on our favourite subject – succession planning for your business. We split this into 5 separate topics, with a podcast on each: Planning ahead […]

EMI Options – How do they work?

So we know that Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) Schemes are tax-advantaged, but what exactly does this mean? In order for EMI options to maintain favourable tax treatment, the scheme (whether under a set of rules or a one-off stand-alone agreement) must be registered with HMRC. Once the scheme is registered, the grant of options must […]

EMI Options – Do you qualify?

An Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) scheme can be a great way to attract, retain and motivate key members of your team, allowing them to participate in the growth in value of the company on a sale and perhaps enjoy dividends before then. A qualifying company can grant options over shares on flexible terms and the tax […]

Top 7 reasons to consider a share option scheme for your business

 For all of us it is all too easy to be focused on day to day activities.  A properly designed employee share option scheme will require time and thought along with expert guidance from those who have practical experience of the alternatives. Here are the top 7 reasons to consider a share scheme for your […]

Employee Share Schemes – What are your Options

Advances in technology, social media, globalisation and the UK’s exit from the European Union mean that there is increasing pressure on all of us as business owners. Private equity providers will often say there are just three things they look for in any business:  management, management, management! For all of us running our companies we […]

A great British and Oxfordshire success story!

We have a number of clients in the education technology sector and so thought we must make an appearance at this year’s British Educators Technology Trade Show. It was a great opportunity to catch up with  old clients (as well as meet some new ones!) whilst learning more about this exciting sector where the UK has […]

Why are your Articles of Association so important?

The Articles of Association of any company represent the legal contract between the business’ shareholders and directors.  Like most contracts they sit in the bottom drawer and you forget about them. Before putting them in the bottom drawer, though, think about the following:- Sacking you as a Director Those who hold more than 50% of the […]