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EMI Schemes in disarray over EU State Aid Rules

As Brexit negotiations become ever more complex advisers to private companies looking to incentivise their employees with share options have been scratching their heads over a recent HMRC announcement. On 4 April 2018 HMRC announced that an EU dispensation from State Aid Rules given in July 2009 was to expire on 6 April 2018  (see […]

From Imagination to Innovation

The light bulb moment in Twickenham in 2011 was the realisation that planning for a sale to your management team, a sale that you as a vendor would fund, could be a very powerful approach to succession planning.  The vendor-funded management buyout is the point in time when the owner cedes control of the team.  […]

A purpose driven business

The previous Blog in our series on innovation I told my own painful lesson on the critical importance of culture and values.  Without a clearly understood set of values your business will be at risk in times of significant stress.  For business owners planning for your succession this is key to growth. As we toiled […]

Vendor-Funded Management Buy Out : A Success Story

You may have noticed we think the VF-MBO is a great way for owner-managers to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of their team whilst ensuring an exit in a tax-efficient way on terms acceptable both the owner and the team. This blog looks at a client who we helped to do just that. Background The founder […]

EMI becomes oh my….

So, as a nice Easter treat for us all, HMRC announced on 4th April that EMI schemes would lose their tax-advantaged status after 6th April 2018. Nothing (really, nothing!) like providing advanced notice on that one… Why is this? In order to maintain their tax-advantaged status EMI schemes require EU State Aid approval. The current […]

Top things to consider with a Vendor-Funded Management Buyout

A vendor-funded (or “owner-funded”) management buy out can be a great solution for business owners who want certainty when it comes to the sale of their company. You can decide when you sell, you’ll trust the buyer(s) and are far more likely to get the price you want and need. But a VF-MBO isn’t without risk. […]

Culture and Values: the fundamental building blocks of a business

Having worked in 4 different law firms in my career I had a sense (a very vague sense) that each of those businesses had their own distinctive culture.  To an observer without an intimate knowledge of the people who worked in each business they would all have seemed pretty similar. The simple truth is that […]

Eight reasons to choose a vendor-funded management buyout

Motivate your team Used in the right way planning for a VFMBO can be a great way for you to help your employees to think like business owners.  It also empowers you, the business owner, to step back and think like an investor. Sell your business to a trusted buyer The buyer is your team, […]

Our next succession planning workshop – 1st May!

As business owners we all have something in common: we have to accept that we cannot run our businesses forever. What do you want for yourself and your business? Have you considered all of the options? Will your business be ready for you to leave when the time comes?  Our succession planning workshops offer an […]