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Giving Shares to an Employee

You may have hit upon a New Year’s Resolution:  motivating one or more key team members with shares in your company. You know they have no money to buy the shares, so instead you plan to give them the shares.  But they will not thank you if your gift gives them an unexpected tax bill! […]

Celebrating Success, Succession and Enterprise

Mentoring – “a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction” … Since September 2018, Nikki and Natalie have been working closely with Henry Box school in Witney, in their new capacity as Enterprise Advisers. Last week saw the new Mentoring Programme for year 12 students come to life, with […]

Case Study on Employee Share Schemes

Are you: Working harder and harder in your business? Unclear on how you will ever be able to take a step back? Reliant upon the key members of your team but worried they might leave? A recent assignment for an Oxfordshire company brought home the importance of open and transparent communication when it comes to […]

Employee Share Schemes – Do I need a Shareholders’ Agreement?

If you’re implementing an employee share scheme for your business you may wonder whether or not you need a Shareholders’ Agreement to govern the relationship between the shareholders. Assuming you, as business owner, will retain a “controlling interest” i.e. more than 50% of the issued voting share capital of the company, you will retain one of […]

Share Incentives – What happens if someone leaves?

If you are looking to implement a share scheme for your key employees you should consider whether the employees can take the shares with them if they leave. If you conclude that the shares should be transferred if they go, either to you, all the shareholders, or back to the company, you will need to […]

The Hazards of Trying to Sell your Company

A recent attempt by business owners to sell their company brought home to the Everyman Legal team the dangers involved. A chance unsolicited approach prompted the owners to think that the time might be right to sell:  one owner would stay as a working director and the other two would step down. The buyers presented […]

Directors’ Duties: What you need to know

The directors of a company have day to day responsibility for the running of the business, its strategic direction, and decisions relating to operational management. They also owe a number of statutory duties to the company which are set out in the Companies Act 2006. Breach of these duties could have severe consequences and this blog […]

Selling your business? Here are our top 10 things to check

Whilst the process might seem daunting, with the help of your professional advisers you can ensure that things run as smoothly as possible when you come to sell your business. Here are our top 10 things to consider: Check your Company’s constitution What do your Articles of Association or Shareholders’ Agreement say? It may not be important […]

Be a proud West Oxfordshire business and celebrate your success!

This year marks the 9th year of the prestigious West Oxfordshire Business Awards. The WOBAs are a celebration of business across West Oxfordshire, recognising the most successful businesses and bringing the whole business community together. We are delighted to announce that we are sponsoring this year’s Charity Award and that two members of our team, […]

Terms and Conditions of Business: Our Top 7 Tips

Your terms and conditions of business could be vital to ensure that your liability is appropriately limited if there is any trading risk linked to the product or service you provide. We’ve put together our top 7 things to consider: 1. Data Protection and IP GDPR has been a hot topic over the last 12 […]