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How not to structure an earn-out when it comes to selling your business

Buying a business presents significant risks to the buyer.  This is particularly so for any “people” business where customer relationships may be inextricably linked to you or other key members of your team.  Buying assets that go “up and down in the lift”, as one observer once put it, can be very high risk. The […]

Selling your Business – The Legal Bit

Many business owners underestimate the time and effort involved in getting their business ready for sale. An even more difficult challenge is finding a buyer who is prepared to pay the price you need on the terms you want. If you’ve overcome these hurdles and an offer has been made for your business don’t think […]

Selling your Business: Have you considered all of your options?

There are a number of alternatives available to you when it comes to selling your business. Most business owners think that a trade sale is the only (or most attractive) route to exit. In this blog we explore a number of options that should be considered… 1. Trade Sale Let’s start with the typically assumed […]

Selling Your Business: Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to selling your business. Being prepared can make all the difference – you don’t want to leave yourself in a position which results in the sales process taking up so much of your time that there is a detrimental impact on your business. Being aware of […]

Preparing your business for sale? Here are our top 10 tips…

Many business owners think they will easily be able to sell their business to a third party when the time comes. In fact it can be daunting and a lot more challenging than might at first be imagined. Planning in advance is vital to make the process of selling your business a bit less scary. Here are […]

Succession Planning Seminar

    You will only sell your business once so you need to get it right. Whether you are considering handing your business on to family members, identifying a management team to take over, or a straight trade sale, a strategy to maximise the assets of your business on its sale requires patient, advance planning. Join […]

From Innovation to Changing the World

In this final Blog in our series on innovation we describe the final challenge for us with our succession planning tool: getting the product into the market.  Those who read my previous Blog in this series on the story of Watt and Boulton will know that it took them 20 years to get their new […]

EU State Aid Approval for EMI Options – Update

We recently reported that the UK Government had announced that it was in the process of obtaining refreshed approval from the UK’s EMI Scheme and discussed the uncertainty that this left us all in after the original approval expired on 6th April 2018. The European Commission has now announced on its website that approval under EU […]

EMI Schemes in disarray over EU State Aid Rules

As Brexit negotiations become ever more complex advisers to private companies looking to incentivise their employees with share options have been scratching their heads over a recent HMRC announcement. On 4 April 2018 HMRC announced that an EU dispensation from State Aid Rules given in July 2009 was to expire on 6 April 2018  (see […]